Hartmann France

Hartmann France s.a.r.l
6, rue de commerce
F-67116 Reichstett (z.i.)

The Hartmann France company was established by Roland Spahn in 2006 in Reichstett, a part of the lovely Alsace-Lorraine. The regional market for semi-finished goods made of nonferrous metals is primarily supplied by German companies who, from their bases in southern Germany, transport goods across the border into France. There is very little local metal trading, making the conditions for this venture ideal.

The Socomal company, also a part of the Group, has been located here since the sixties. After a third hall had been built on its premises, all participants felt that the company now offered more than enough room to trade in semi-finished goods made of nonferrous metals. In addition, Socomal's other logistics resources, such as personnel and office space, minimised the start-up costs.

The task of Hartmann France was initially to market the products of the German W. Hartmann & Co. in the north of France. It was never dependent on the German company, but rather completely free from the start to source its materials where it wanted.

Under the management of Mr Nicolas Rohmer, the company has grown so well in the first few years that space is already becoming tight again. Today, in view of the enormous opportunities for development to the south, and with a stable bridgehead, thoughts have already turned to the next stage of construction.

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