Die Oststeinbeker Grundstücksgesellschaft

Oststeinbek Möllner Landstraße 107
Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Möllner Landstraße 107
22113 Oststeinbek

The Oststeinbeker Grundstücksgesellschaft was established in 2002 by the heirs of Walter Hartmann. It manages a property just outside Hamburg which is fully leased to W. Hartmann & Co. Up until the company's foundation, this job had been the responsibility of Ms Ingrid Spahn, daughter of Walter Hartmann. Today, two of his grandchildren, Ms Caroline Eckhardt and Mr Roland Spahn, run the company.

The premises are on 22,000 m² of land in the municipality of Oststeinbek near Hamburg, acquired by Walter Hartmann in the seventies from Diehl in Nuremberg, a manufacturer and supplier of brass rods. At that time, the location was especially interesting because, as it was within the 30 km border zone between the former East and West Germany, the land Schleswig-Holstein paid subsidies in order to attract businesses to settle there.

At the time of purchase, the only building on the premises was an approx. 4,000 m² warehouse. But in the course of the following years, and in accordance with the company's expansion, more and more of the land was developed. Today, the site houses a 14,000 m² hall and 800 m² of office space. Indeed, in 2009, the exhaustive development of the company's own site led to the lease of an additional 4,000 m² of hall space in the direct vicinity. The opportunities for expansion at this location have, however, now been fully exploited.

The company is now considering acquiring additional properties in the west of Germany and leasing these to Hartmann as well.

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